Via the experimentation of the movement+music+visual collective in Ireland, we see another great, free tool built on Apple’s Quartz Composer developer tool. Tryplex is a set of macro patches, all open source, that makes Kinect skeleton tracking easier. There’s even a puppet tool and skeleton recorder.

Aesthetically, the video below is all stick-figure stuff (which is the only reason I can imagine why it’s getting any dislikes on YouTube). But it shouldn’t take much imagination to see the potential here.

For one example, see the video at top — something that must make Terry Gilliam get hot and bothered (or wish he had been born later).


  • Synapse support, for interoperability with other Mac and Windows visual apps and depth image visibility
  • OSC messages
  • Loads of examples
  • Puppet tool
  • Skeleton recording
  • 3D sculpting and modeling ideas

Have a look:

A gallery of goodness:

More info on that video at top:
First experiment using my “INTERACTIVE COLLAGE MACHINE”, an interactive collage controlled by me in real time.
music: Boh blues (outro) by Diego Perugini