From comments on the Eigenharp round-up, I think this is simply beautiful. I also think it will be the video to which I link people whenever comments get out of hand. (Heck, I may refer myself.)

“Music to soothe the savage commenter?”

Back to the music:

First entry to the Eigenharp ALPHA competition.
A small piece created on the TENORI-ON, from my new show Ti-To-Tis – Dance and Music for Babys.
(babies from 0 to 3 years listen to live acoustic and electronic music, “dance” with two dancers and “play” with an actor/ puppetier, all around a magic clock; Ti-To-Tis – magical lights, ilusions and fantasy on a comfortably atmosphere.

There’s one dislike on YouTube, which makes me think some people either hate happiness, or miss when clicking the thumbs-up sign. (Maybe they’re from a culture where thumbs down is good.) Also, I dare you to “dislike” the following composition (though we may need a new body of work for a Well-Tempered Eigenharp):

Thanks, Zero Reference!