I don’t know why you look so surprised about this, really. Photo (CC-BY) insanephotoholic.

“Lemur should just run on the iPad.”

“There’s no point to have a Lemur when you can get an iPad for $500.”

“When will the Lemur just run on the iPad?”

Soon, apparently. Sources and an in-person sighting suggest to me you’ll see this in the very near future.

The JazzMutant Lemur, the touch control hardware I reviewed over five years ago, gave musicians the first widely-available, for-sale taste of multi-touch control of music. It established a lot of basic paradigms that would appear on other platforms: high-contrast user interface objects on a black background (so they don’t blind you in a club), widgets that represent familiar elements like knobs and faders, and also some fairly powerful features like unique touch-centric widgets, simulated physics, and scripting. Some of those latter, more advanced features haven’t really been available in other control applications, and Lemur owners have wondered what their long-term solution might be.

So, a funny thing happened to me the other afternoon. I’m looking over the shoulder of M-nus DJ Ambivalent (Kevin McHugh) at Berlin’s Watergate and an afterparty, and I see – no, that’s not TouchOSC. That sure looks like a Lemur step sequencer. And then I might have spotted something similar in the front-of-house at Flughafen Tempelhof’s FLY BERMUDA show, for Richie Hawtin.

It’s possible this was all a dream, of course. So – who believes me?