If you’re already in holiday mode, sapped by the shortest day of the year (at least if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere), and looking to kick back with some audiovisual stimulation, this should do the trick. (I know it appeals to me, after 15 hours crossing the Atlantic yesterday.)

The radio show Solid Steel regularly features AV mixes; this one comes via DK and the label Ninja Tune. On the superb German electronic site Partysan:
‘Cymatic Frequencies’ an Audio Visual mix by DK

It harkens back to the heady days of … 2010. And it makes use of VIDEO-SL, the a/v-savvy video plugin for Serato covered earlier this week:
VIDEO-SL, Video for DJs, Turnablists: $99 Deal, CDM Giveaway, and How it’s Used

Description (full tracklist on Vimeo):

We start where we ended the last AV mix with the anthemic ‘Hyph Mngo’ by Joy Orbison and a few choice words from Sun Ra. We continue in a future vein with the Eliphino Remix for Kidkanevil, Maddslinky given a Toddla T lick, and the heavy ‘Work them’ by Ramadanman.
Then it’s a Ninja Tune trio and a Big Dada double, James Blake floating over the Altrice remix of Caribou, before turning up the bass to 11 for Bassnectar. The beats stay heavy as we skip through George Lenton and the Jamie XX remix of Gil Scott-Heron, an ‘old skool hip hop’ trio, mixed with RackNRuin and Vent for extra dance floor punch, and it’s a D n B finish with the DJ Marky remix of ‘Wile Out’ by Zinc, Sunny by James Brown tweaked by Featurecast and we end on the sublime Flying Lotus remix for Andreya Triana.