File another project under “project imagery everywhere.” In the latest illusory technique for merging digital visuals with the physical environment, this uses motors to make the visually-activated object to seem fully virtual. It’s also another example of goodness with vvvv and the ubiquitous “interfacing with the real world” platform, Arduino.

(Side note: it was a real pleasure to get to meet Arduino co-creator David Cuartielles this week at the Open Design Symposium. More on the results of that event soon, but I’ll say this: how many physical computing innovators do you know who will dress up in a dinosaur costume and walk around the streets? That’s David. And it’s beautiful to see, in surprising projects like this, what the platform he helped make can do.)

Details – a work in progress, but already showing some potential:

In this first test we combine a stepper motor controlled turntable with a realtime projection mapping. The motor, turntable and projection are controlled by VVVV (Using “pade” by …. and Arduino. As stated in the end of the movie it is possible to project on more complex objects. It takes about two hours to calibrate the system inclusive the mapping. The system is able to control bigger industrial stepper motors as well.