MPS – Building Presentation from White Kanga on Vimeo.

A model building rotates, light spilling over it. A virtualized sun creates shadows and accelerated days. And then, halfway through, the building still gliding in circles, it’s as though you can see through the building to wireframes beneath.

The latest illusions from the White Kanga crew aren’t simply mapping as a novel way of making projection look three-dimensional. They appear to alter the reality around the object itself, playing with our perception’s ability to see animation as something fluid and real.

Or, to put it another way: moving the subject, not just the projection, has a remarkable amount of potential for mapping illusory effect. See, previously:
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Toolset: TouchDesigner, custom software, control, and robotics.

Derivative, makers of TouchDesigner, interviewed this crew:

White Kanga, a talented crew from Poland have expertly been building their own custom applications with TouchDesigner to produce something remarkably new, integrating mapping, robotics and extended reality. A revealing interview with the team details their experience working with TouchDesigner from a seasoned VFX background (Houdini pros) and the making of the Modeling Projection System (MPS) project.

Love the headline: What WHITE KANGA is building with TOUCHDESIGNER to alter our sense of REALITY