Defying the laws of Science and the rules of How To Make a Music Video, Kid Sundance’s “Tech City” gets a … somewhat peculiar short film. There are pickles, and glowing cubes, and colored goo, and singing walnuts turned into juice. There are geeky guys speaking in faux science. And there is this line, which is to me the apt description of every nerdter’s dream electronic music studio:

These are things that we weren’t looking for – and we don’t know what any of this stuff does – but we’re still collecting the data, nonetheless. Oh, I love this one!

Indeed. From the debut LP Kid’s Colors, on digital, and vinyl. And I hope the vinyl in’t actually covered with … whatever that is. It looks toxic.

I could say more, but I think I got a contact high from watching that video. Or maybe a vintage gear high. Or maybe I’m inexplicably craving a pickle. Excuse me.

Thanks to Henk Loorbach for sending his creation.

Written and directed by Superelectric, produced by 100% Halal B.V, in The Netherlands.

And the music comes from a funky Dutch label with some really delightfully-odd, groovy stuff. Listen: