Yep, this is about to get as awesome as you think it is. Time for some Belgian bots banging beats.

Disappointed our electronic music present didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to when it was still the future? Sad you didn’t get shiny, knob-laden synths, robot masks, blindingly-colorful lens flares, funky-crisp electro jams, and beloved music distributed on cassette?

Well, you could sit around getting all wistful, or you could simply make that future happen.

Belgian synth collective Chrome Brulée chose action over nostalgia, constructing the universe seen in glossy Roland and Sequential ads from Keyboard Magazine, circa 1983. And the music video they’ve produced is just the teaser: stay tuned for music on, of course, cassette tape.

We’re treated to no small quantity of vintage pr0n – all looking, sorry, better and strangely more futuristic than most of the gear available on the market today. Maybe, in the hands of the right musicians, its time has simply come. Watch:

The whole thing is, of course, quite silly. It’s almost as though people are making music in order to enjoy themselves and have a good time. (Dangerous.) Micha Volders writes CDM:

I’m teaching Electronic Music together with Arne Van Petegem (styrofoam) here @ PHL Music University.

I recently started a synth collective called Chrome Brulée, with some graduated students as well as fellow musicians from Belgium. It’s a very oldskool/authentic project, without computers and a lot of interfacing with drum machines/cv/gate/clocks etc… and live playing of course…We’re releasing a Chrome Cassette Tape soon.

It’s a wonderful collective of artists: Robert Magnet, Ricky Sunset, Tony Johnson, Michael Shredlove, Alex Mayhem, Kid Supreme, and Club Cannibal. (Not to be confused with Kid Sundance from yesterday, but they’re in Holland, these kids are in Belgium … maybe we should all get together for chocolate and synthesizers. Mood elevator, that is.)

There’s also this great manifesto:

In a world where music has become irrelevant, in a time where quantity comes over quality…a new force rises from within…armed with magic machines of ancient times…driven by pure passion and devotion…..fueled by the craft and skills of their forefathers….they will fight to make music free again…they will rage until the spirits of old will have their revenge….they go by the name….Chrome Brulée

We’ll be watching for the tape to drop.

Give them some love on Facebook, because, well, you couldn’t have done that in the 80s: