BEATSURFING #5: JAM at VLEK from Vlek Data on Vimeo.

Vlek’s Beatsurfing app is one of the most strange and wonderful things on the iPad, producing quirky, drawn controllers that open up new musical avenues. It’s so strange and wonderful, in fact, that it’s befuddled some of you who tried to use it.

So, good news:
1. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, US$1 (or 0,79 €) buys you the app so long as you get it today, the 5th of October. (It’s a really short sale; sorry.)

2. For those of you getting started, there’s a great video that at last shows you how to get started – you just an iPad, Beatsurfing, and some other app. See below.

3. For those of you ready to venture into more advanced lands, see the video above. It features Herrmutt Lobby – one of the musical acts from Vlek whose work I so admire – jamming away with synchronized iPads “retro-acting on each other,” powered by Ableton Live with Max for Live.

The news:

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