Jeez. Maybe you should just pick up a Monomachine from Craigslist, because it seems like life with the Analog Four might be a bit … uh … apocalyptic.

Other thoughts:

1. Winter in Sweden: it’s dark. Not a lot of sunlight. Your synth teasers can start to get a bit … odd.
2. First Aid kits. Keep them around the house. (Alternatively, speaking of Sweden, keep First Aid Kit around to sing you something cheery.)
3. “ATTENTION!!! POLICE ARE WATCHING! IS THERE A VIRUS? IS THIS THE SOURCE? 3 BILLION DIE?” Sorry… I may have just confused Elektron’s analog synth teaser with 12 Monkeys. Believe me – it’s tough to keep the two straight.
4. No. There is not an analog synthesizer buried in your yard. Put the shovel down.
5. I’m not caving into manufacturers using teaser campaigns to get bloggers to write about thei— AUGH. Darnit…

Really, it’s the strangest thing I’ve seen since Ableton released that video of someone being bludgeoned over the head with Push. Wait… possible that was just a dream.

Previously: some revelation about this being about a 4-voice analog synth with CV, and me trying to talk about music and these machines before Hector shows up and makes everything go all pear-shaped.

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