Wintertree from Limbic Media on Vimeo.

Winter: it’s dark. So, it’s no coincidence that holiday traditions from Christian to Jewish to Pagan to … uh, New Year’s … celebrate light. And it’s fun watching in this video the delight as colored lights respond to sound – not in the endlessly-playing annoying-Christmas-tune way, but in the “you can sing to a tree and it’ll light up” way.

Limbic Media writes CDM with this project they did in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) commissioned Limbic Media to design an audio reactive tree for the holiday season using 800 individually addressable RGB LEDs. We utilize onset, energy and frequency analysis to produce clear yet complex lighting visualizations based on sound picked up by an array of microphones embedded in the tree.

Now, we’re all on vacation, but I hope to see you in the spring semester season as we get to work on new visualization and interactive projects.

In the meantime, here’s some more tuba-on-tree action – because you can never have too much tuba.

Tuba And Wintertree from Limbic Media on Vimeo.