Hint: if you’re wondering how you could possibly projection-map raw bacon successfully, you… can’t. “Projection Mapped Bacon” sounds a bit like someone did a Mad Libs parody of CDMotion, so I of course have to post this.

In fact, it’s a charming DIY music video in which projection mapping, in fits and starts, is fitted to objects that don’t fit. As video textures stretch and squeeze to shoot the video, it’s a low-fidelity part of your complete breakfast. And the whole thing reminds me of early MTV, if we lived in an alternate universe where digital tech was available first, the chilled-out mug of the singer floating his way through Play-Doh and refrigerator items.

Alex May writes:

I’ve just made this music video for my brother’s band using my own video mapping/painting software “Painting With Light”.

As a long time VJ, digital artist, and programmer, I’m keen to experiment with different video mapping techniques, especially ones
that have performative elements.

Earnest music, playful video, by way of London: