Is anyone in Iceland not a musician/producer? Given the island nation has an absurdly-tiny population, there must be some explanation that so much music pours out.

Well, we’re going back there again. This weekend’s selection is the lovely music of Magnoose, aka Magnus Skarp of Reykjavik. This little-known producer is putting out some really fine-quality music, in the form of clean, chilly-cool grooves. He labels these “dubstep,” and the tilt is there. But while there are some broken beat influences, the overwhelming impression is of pristine, perfectly-designed percussion, crystal-clear in the uncluttered foreground. Given the tendency of many emerging producers to produce dense, oversaturated tracks, the laid-back minimalism is welcome. (And we do eventually get a bit more experimental sound, too – scroll down.)

Let’s listen – or watch, in fact, as he is releasing videos alongside the tracks. They aren’t so remarkable on their own, but they nicely complement the aesthetic of the sounds, and they’re a big leap forward from just pasting in a still image.

Thanks to reader Magnús B for the tip.

Here’s where things get a bit more experimental:

Videos; the first is my personal favorite:

Magnoose – Viola from Magnús B. Skarphéðinsson on Vimeo.

Magnoose – Volska from Magnús B. Skarphéðinsson on Vimeo.

Magnoose – Voltron from Magnús B. Skarphéðinsson on Vimeo.