Fashion venues in general offer a new opportunity for live visual performance to thrive – even when its growth has sometimes been stunted by over-reliance on clients in clubland and the corporate world.

So, it’s fitting that the favorite portfolio example from this week’s featured work comes to us by way of the runway. There, color and texture can dance across surfaces in ways that make light itself an extension of fashion. The example is labeled “projection mapping,” but it’s relatively recta-linear; it’s the content that comes to the fore.

Diego Salinas is a visual artist from Telefunken Studio, a small studio in Santiago, and I love the look of his work. (Bonus points for getting that portfolio site working nicely, too, naturally.)

First, a look at the Fashion Week Santiago work. (Brief appearance of bare female chests, unfortunately also in the thumbnail, if you are watching somewhere in which that is in appropriate.)

Mapping Fashion week Santiago from Telefunken Studio on Vimeo.


Mapping Fashion week, Santiago
For this project we build and design a runway compositions to be projected in the background of the show.
We create a motion graphic design for each brand and designer so we can project fro the back of the triangle structure.
We use four projectors Sanyo 15K each.
The duration of the compositions was 15 minutes per designer.
Here we have a quick review.
Mapping / dirección: Telefunken
Motion / 3d: Telefunken + Sulfurica + Seba Sanchez
Producción: Barbara Rebolledo / Sud
Diseño estructura: DOT
Sonido original: Ismael Palma (I.S.)

I’m also quite fond of this live show for Blonde Redhead. Here, it’s clear how a rectangle – the shape regularly derided by mapping fans – can actually make a statement, if well-considered. Live, zoomed-in video footage brings the audience closer to the performers.

The video is understated and feels fluidly integrated with the performance, amplifying the feeling of the live show visually rather than seeming like a conflicting visual element. (That is, it increases the presence of the artists onstage rather than being a forced counterpoint.)




Equus – Blonde redhead – Live Santiago Chile from Telefunken Studio on Vimeo.

Presentación de Blonde Redhead el 28 de Septiembre. Teatro La Cupula.
Visuales, registro de audio y cámara: Telefunken Studio
Software: Vdmx
Registro video: Felipe Prado (telefunken)
Registro fotográfico: Valeria Hofmann
Producción: Club Fauna
Ciclo S.U.E.N.A. Auspiciado por Converse y Virgin Mobile
Track: Equus – Blonde redhead.

More on the studio:

Thanks, Diego! Keep us posted; we’d love to see more work, technical details, and ideas.