I like Drums. And Bass. from DJ Autom8 on Vimeo.

Finally, laptop music need no longer be lit by some bad club lights and the glow of your MacBook display.

Things are getting really interesting. Just ask Jonathan Thompson, a student who hacked Max for Live into an LED wall and got a blindingly-bright display grooving with the music. He writes:

I absolutely love your site, and I have always wanted to contribute, but never have felt I had anything good enough to share with others. Well, I finally created something that I think others would enjoy.

I am a college student, and created all of the software being used for this video in Ableton/Max4Live, including reverse engineering the LED wall protocol. This particular video was a test of some new lighting tools I built for the Glowing Room Initiative, an electronic music collaborative kickstarted by an art grant. I’m planning on filming a detailed walk through and explanation
of how the systems work at some point, but I’m not sure when that will happen since finals are quickly approaching.

Yeah, I think we’re all feeling that spring pressure on – but you can bet we’ll be eager to document what he’s done. And continue the good fight against boring visuals. Represent.