To take us out this weekend, we turn to a wonderfully obsessive DJ and producer, Berlin’s nd_baumecker. It’s hard to introduce Andi without sounding a bit like you’re doing the lead-up to The Stig on Top Gear. “They say he owns more than 20,000 records*…” …and hones a new needle for each, using only his teeth. They say the Ostgut Ton label veteran* has a secret lair inside Panorama Bar accessible only by kayak in which he keeps an impressively-complete selection of home organs.

“All we know is…” nd_baumecker puts together one hell of a three-hour mix.

200 albums along, and he can guide you through some of the best of what’s happening in dance music. Seems the perfect thing for a July weekend, as he debuts Boiler Room’s new daytime sets. See the video, but… well, really, listen to the SoundCloud mix, as it sounds better!

*Those parts were true.

Back with daily updates next week; took a slight summer holiday Thursday as we covered Lux Greco in Toledo yesterday, sending yours truly on a lovely, tangled odyssey through Swiss Air flights and narrow Medieval alleyways. More on that visual event on CDM soon, and how projection mapping is adding in illuminated pixels the latest layer to the Spanish’s city’s absurdly-rich art historical tradition.