Coded Environments from Jekka on Vimeo.

Big EDM stage shows aside, in the realm of more intimate electronic performance, there seems tremendous untapped potential in combining wearable technology with performance. There, the immersion speaks to the player – essential, as in computer music much of what the performance artist does and imagines is invisible.

Jekka, aka Moscow’s Jenny Nedosekina – a curator as well as a solo performer – has assembled a team to build a project. This is marked “teaser,” but it’s already compelling enough to share. (And I hope you send in other similar work, as then we can do a round-up.)

A bit like something you’d imagine in an original Star Trek episode, the costume pulses and lights to the music, providing an added sense that we live in times of futuristic, alien performance.


Coded Environments is an interactive piece of clothing that reacts to music with light. The light being part of the costume makes the performer and the visual aspect become one holistic creature that gives a new experience of music to the audience. It is the first part of an ongoing experiment of exploring the relationship between the performer and new visual and interactive technology through design, music and art.
Interactive designer: Maxim Yahontov (Hello Computer )
Fashion designer: Valeria Pekarskaya
Artist: Jekka
Video: Natalia Budantseva and Evgeniy Rodin

Hope we get to catch up with this crew in Moscow next month.