We are making the first tiptoe-steps from the world of the last centuries – proscenium theater, rectangular cinema, fixed perspective – into one that’s fluid in the way digital technology can be.

The techniques are simple, but you can see how our vision can be transformed in the latest work by talented West London-based visualist and effect designer Oscar Gonz├ílez Diez. “Beatcam” fuses the camera’s point of view with the musical rhythms it accompanies, punctuating each bar with shifts in environment and architecture. Those architectural volumes, too, are transformed by layers of projection mapping, making impossible spaces.

Diez supplies music and imagery alike, and introduces his directorial label Plastic Science. It’ll be great to see where this goes – in Oscar’s work, and in other explorations along this vector.

‘Beatcam’ is the first short completed under my new label Plastic Science.
Always loved exploring the relationship between sound and imagery. Here I wanted to show a world where music literally drives everything we see, a symphony of movement & light projections woven into beat driven time lapse.
Concept, Music & Visuals: Oscar Gonzalez Diez @ Plastic Science


Beatcam from Oscar González Diez on Vimeo.

And his music: