The beautiful thing about modular synths is making connections physically – each link with an actual cable between them. It is, really, the whole point.

Of course, you need somewhere to put all those cables and keep them organized. There are various cable racks available, but they’re generally mounted to walls and such. Synthtopia this week covered a nice option that can mount to a mic stand, from

But for sheer utility, it’s hard to beat what KOMA Elektronik this week was showing at Musikmesse. The Kabelhänger goes the obvious, “why didn’t anyone do this before?” route: it makes that cable organizer into a “module.”

Screw the Kabelhänger into your Eurorack rig, and it extends from your modular setup to keep cables nearby. Made of strong but lightweight aluminum, it’s 2HP in size (with an arm of 21 cm or 26 cm).


That makes it the perfect accessory for the smaller suitcase rigs many people are using these days. I especially like the little suitcase modulars, partly because they force musicians to be choosy about which modules they use (which can lead to more focused musical applications), and mostly because I like things that are affordable and lightweight. Tempting stuff, especially given that a really nice handful of boutique modules can be had for the price of a Mac laptop (or less).

And speaking of mobility, you can unscrew this with your fingers and toss it into your backpack, making this a quick-and-dirty, set-up-your-hanger-onstage.

Starts at 25€, including VAT. At dealers near you. I expect everyone will get one.

Now I just need a mobile cable organizer for a digital rig.

Oh, yeah, and it makes a great comb. (Comb-a Elektronik / Comb filter jokes here – thanks to my Facebook friends for those.)