The iPod Classic is dead, sure.

Now it’s really dead. And the cassette player outlasts its shiny Apple hipster-fashion-accessory counterpart with the non-removable battery – by kicking its sorry ass with a giant mecha fist punch to the face.

Hold on… if it seems we may be losing our grip on reality, that’s just because we’re entering the wild world of cassette label / music collective Chrome BrulĂ©e.

The retro-electro artists, comprising Tony Johnson, Michael Shredlove, Alex Mayhem, Kid Supreme, Aximus & Club Cannibal, make music that’s intentionally backwards-looking, and then release it on cassettes. And then they make crazy trip-out videos with vintage-styled computer graphics and impossibly-high 80s-ish production values, all in a cranked-up hyperactive fantasy world that looks like you had way too much of one of those nondescript sugary goo/slime concoctions marketed to young Americans as candy.

And they aren’t letting the iPod Classic go quietly into that good night. Cassette mechs triumph.

Through this hallucination, you will learn something about the ability to buy their cassette tapes, too. Happy Cassette Store Day, iPod drones. But if you just haven’t tripped enough, let’s have some more videos.

Not on SoundCloud, because it wasn’t invented in 1981, but music videos were. These VHS tapes apparently found their way through a wormhole and onto your YouTube.

But there’s a Website, because some of them… time traveled.