Photo (CC-BY) @ fr4dd. Music below.

Photo (CC-BY) @ fr4dd. Music below.

Modular aficionados are fond of describing the potential of their boxes full of wires as unlimited, endless. That might well raise the question – where do you actually start?

Schneidersladen, the unofficial headquarters for European lovers of Euroracks hidden away above a grocery store, has an intro course. Don’t watch this expecting stunning sounds – this isn’t about showing off. Instead, get ready for a big basket of bread and butter, the starting points to learn how to actually begin working. From there, you can get as fancy as you like. But the pace is methodical and beginner-friendly.

German, but with English subtitles – and you know that sounds cooler, anyway. (Added motivation. It is, after all, Eurorack, not Englishrack or Amerirack. Though for that, you can always stop by a German market and pick up some McKennedy’s mac ‘n cheese, fake OREO and Chips Ahoy, and marshmallows, for extra American culture.)


20 Kabel .. sounds like this. from Andreas Schneider on Vimeo.


Thomas K. – modular expert at SchneidersLaden – is introducing a mixed eurorack modular system for newbees and/or basic starters here. Explaining all single components nessesary in a classical analogue synth he is showing some first patch possibilities and finally a more complex installation with all modules combined over 20 cables.

Spotted modules:
Doepfer A-100, Tiptop Audio, others…

Find starter kits like this and more advice at Schneidersladen – or your preferred local dealer. (Modular definitely calls for talking to a real person, ideally in a store but at least on the phone!)

And after finding that lovely photo at top, you’ll find some great modular-made music from its creator, drøn:

drøn is an experimental electro / ambient music collaboration.

drøn published three albums on the german electronic label elektrolux (parsec, xenologix and homeworld). the drøn track “rem” was the opener for space night earthviews 7.

drøn was formed by christoph abert, ingo zobel, frederik dahlke in summer 1997.