In an episode last week, South Park took on 17-year-old producer Lorde. The punchline: Stan’s Dad is actually Lorde. (For some reason, publications like SPIN think the writers are serious about this. In the immortal words of MST3k, guys, just repeat to yourself, “it’s just a show. I should really just relax.”)

What makes all of this interesting to us is that the show did go to some detail creating a realistic DAW UI. Eagle-eyed readers may figure out which UI elements were modelled here. It’s closest to SONAR, I would say, though with a GarageBand / Tracktion-style loop browser and a very clear Pro Tools toolbar at top.

And, yes, it does take an amusing shot at how production tools can mask … a lack of talent. (Guilty as charged.)




In case the YouTube link is removed, here’s the video on Hulu (for US audiences or people who know how to use VPNs only) for the two-episode story. The Lorde plot line is brought up first in Gluten Free Ebola, but they run far at Spin’s expense; the DAW reveal is in the second episode, “The Cissy.”

Thank you, David Abravanel.

Gluten Free Ebola [Comedy Central]

The Cissy