Shorter days means longer nights making music. And Christmas songs on repeat means it’s time for some creativity.

So even though it’s a holiday, let’s head to school – in the best possible way.

Toronto-based Andrew Triple A sends us a quick beat-making video. It’s nice to see someone not just lean heavily on a single sample, but use that riff as inspiration to play. Whether this is your musical taste or not, there’s something you can learn here.

And I was intrigued to look more into the melody behind this tune I’ve heard over and over again.

I finally released a new beat making video after a few years. It is featuring a “Carol of the bells” sample turned into an interesting hip-hop instrumental. Also what’s cool about the sample is that the original “Carol of the bells” melody is from a folk Ukrainian chant that was later translated into different languages all over the world. I’m sure the readers of your blog will enjoy watching this episode, especially now during the Christmas season.

Thanks, Andrew, and Merry Christmas.
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