It’s fun to watch the hate lobbed at DJs “DJing in their bedrooms.” But… come on. We’re all music lovers here. What other priority would you possibly have for your bedroom? (Sleep, for instance, really robs you of time you could be playing records and producing music. Such a loss.)

And as it happens, the folks cobbling together $300 “DJ booths” out of IKEA bits are getting fairly clever and industrious, making some nice setups that leave them money to spare on important stuff – like synthesizers.

At top, a video by DJ Puzzle that just started making the rounds. Significantly, since this whole discussion started (apparently somewhere on the DJ Tech Tools forums), IKEA has made revisions to their product line, so this video reflects what’s available in 2015. (KALLAX now replaces EXPEDIT, for instance.)

Below, a slightly older film from 2014. It’s worth watching the end for the nice slide show of pretty examples from around the Web.

Here are the instructions and parts for that:

1: EXPEDIT-Shelving unit
2. CAPITA legs
3. CAPITA Bracket
4. LACK wall-shelf
5. 2 x small LACK shelves
6. 2 x GODMORGON legs
7. BJÄRNUM-Folding hook
8. DIODER LED 4 piece strip set

Step 1 : Mount the CAPTIPA legs to the underside of the EXPEDIT shelving unit
Step 2 : Mount the angular CAPITA legs to the LACK wall shelf
Step 3 : Then mount connect to the EXPEDIT shelving unit
Step 4 : Connect the GODMORGON legs to the EXPEDIT shelving unit
Step 5 : Connect the small LACK shelves to the GODMORGON Legs
Step 6 : Connect the BJARNUM hooks to the side for headphones

Now, there are dedicated products for this purpose, but prices do start to escalate.


Of course, if you’re handy enough, you can go entirely custom. You know, with wood and stuff. And that’s quite affordable. But IKEA’s accessibility somehow captivates the imagination of the Internet in the meantime. And that means this entire post can become a great excuse to run this video on CDM: