By way of follow up to our chat with Daniele Antezza yesterday, his Inner8 live act with sYn will meet up with another audiovisual collaboration – Susanne Kirchmyer (Electric Indigo), with visualist Thomas Wagensommerer. That takes place at Berlin’s Krake Festival next week, which means we get an extensive conversation with the two artists alongside a canal in the video below.

They talk at length about aesthetics, collaboration, and connections to artistic practice:


Previously, on each of them:

Outside dance music, systems of contemplation with Inner8, sYn

Morpheme is a Microscopic Audiovisual Journey Into Sound by Electric Indigo

But now that we’ve had you doing a lot of reading and watching of things this week, let’s get some music. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Susanne’s music, as her knowledge base is so deep and broad – if it’s experimental or if it’s club or if it’s composition and sound art, she’s been more or less doing all of it at the edge of what’s possible for a quarter century. So, as usual, her latest podcast is a field guide to some of the best production work going on in a bit of each of those genres, with dark experimental club sounds woven throughout. Listen:

01. John Beltran – Music For Machines [Delsin DSR-D1]
02. Ca.tter – Mine [Dubsquare 008]
03. Cio D’Or – Hecto [Semantica 73B]
04. Ken Karter – B2 [LIMITED 006]
05. MdS & Gymmy J – Purple Heart [Different Is Different 077]
06. The Plant Worker – Spaceship 003 [Affin 153]
07. Dorian Gray – Iceberg [Black String 012]
08. Aleja Sanchez – Aquatone [Planet Rhythm PRRUKD015]
09. Vertical Spectrum – Passion [Newrhythmic 051]
10. Polar Inertia – Kinematic Optics [DEMENT3D 011]
11. Leiras – Genetics [Ownlife 004]
12. Tension – In [Tension 001]
13. LXVI – Rift Sequence / DaGeneral & Nico Kohler Remix [Terminus Audio 001]
14. Eomac – Frozen Souls [Inner Surface Music 009]
15. Aleja Sanchez – Rainbow [Planet Rhythm PRRUKD015]
16. Arnaud Le Texier – Fleuve Noir [Affin 153]
17. Dorian Gray – The Polar Night / Ritual Re-Work [Black String 012]
18. Mike Storm – A1 [LIMITED 006]
19. Ruhig – Lost In The Instability / Edit Select Remix [Midgar 002X]
20. Positive Centre – Great Excavator [Stroboscopic Artefacts SAM 019]
21. Dorian Gray – Arctic Dream [Black String 012]
22. John Beltran – Intro [Delsin DSR-D1]