Floating Points – Silhouettes (official video) from floating points on Vimeo.

Two videos for us today transport us to other imagined worlds.

‘Silhouettes’ from Floating Points is already lush and fantastic, synths crooning atop buttery strings and vocals, cinematic extravagance for a new generation. It’s sexy stuff.

And for the video, Barcelona-based experimental filmmakers Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez, Nathan Grimes, and Anna Diaz Ortuño make some optical fireworks in the form of some seriously sophisticated light painting. At one point in the video the camera pulls back on the rig, and you see that, while the process goes digital, it begins with painstaking real-for-real photography. What they’ve done is transport nature to the photo rig rather than the other way around, apparently lending a higher degree of control.



‘Silhouettes’ is comprised of music from ’Silhouettes (I, II & III) which is taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Elaenia’, released on 6th November 2015 via Pluto.

Pre-order ‘Elaenia’:
Vinyl: http://found.ee/ElaeniaLP
CD: http://found.ee/ElaeniaCD
Download: http://found.ee/ElaeniaDL
Rough Trade: http://found.ee/ElaeniaRoughTrade
iTunes: http://found.ee/ElaeniaiTunes

A message from the Directors:
An oscillating stream of light attempts to intrude on an arid natural landscape, abstract light and a living environment merge, reacting to the dynamics of the music.
The luminous abstract forms are produced by a light painting machine that, frame by frame, draws in a real environment the 3D animated figures.
This is an experimental video created by Pablo Barquín, Junior Martínez, Nathan Grimes and Anna Diaz Ortuño.

Pablo Barquin // http://www.hamillindustries.com // https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoAFW6SV7Ud2JZQ6j-Twleg
Junior Martínez // http://www.juniormartinez.com // http://www.trunk.me.uk/index.php/category/directors/junior/


More from the artists:

And here’s an 11-minute stream.

For me, this same feeling of extending into a natural world that becomes supernatural, drift under the waves for a bit in the video for Aquatic Life – no less lush, if musically as well as visually submerged.

Aquatic life // Lpc from LPC on Vimeo.

This is the project of France’s Lpc collective:

We are a French electronic music association founded in 2012. Lpc aims to promote the various subcultures through various events. During our parties and concerts, we try to combine visual and sound art to fully immerse our audience. We would first like to offer you a quality music selection, in order to detach from too formalized party’s programming. Our goal is to make these experiences unique and transcendent.
Lpc’s project is dedicated to the memory of Antoine Debens, our faithful friend and former president of the association.

Find lots more music and video wonderlands on the Lpc Vimeo site:


And find Paris’ Monochrome on Facebook and SoundCloud:



Bonus points for even having the title alone, “Unforgettable call of the octopus.” Hint: if you were softly drifting off to a salty undersea sleep above, this might pick up your pulse again: