If you’ve been wanting to let your freak flag fly with keyboards, this may be some good news.

Future Retro have teased a touchplate keyboard on their Facebook channel. It’s dubbed the FR-512, and comes equipped with both MIDI and CV out (with lots of separate patch points) – so fans of digital and modular alike may be pleased. Pitch and mod lie next to the two-octave keyboard.

Oh, and it’s a sequencer/arpeggiator, too – check those controls above the keys. (Rest, accent, arpeggiator, etc.)

We get more images of it from past weeks:



Future Retro in this one lives up to their name – the retro knobs, the design, the touchplate itself, all recall old gear, but with a certain fresh, convenient approach.

Speaking of the future, when will we get this? Well, we’re not going to find out much more for now. The Futures say, “There’s still plenty left to be done… coding, testing, tweaking, manual writing, and assembly. Hopefully these will be ready by NAMM.”

I think that hangs above my desk, that very sentence, sort of … all the time. So I feel you. Here’s to the future, the undiscovered country.