Touchplates are so in this year.

Yes, it’s a testament to the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Don Buchla: electronic musicians evidently long for something new. And the latest is a glimpse of something found in our news tip inbox. It’s called “HYVE” and it’s a hybrid synthesizer, combining a number of ideas about pitch arrangement into a single touch-plate layout.

There’s a keyboard. There’s a hexagonal pitch array. And there’s a heck of a lot of polyphony. And… well, it’s best to just watch the video:

I enjoy the all-in-one, compact wooden design. It looks busking friendly – especially useful if you like to do your busking outside a local cosmonaut training center.

What are we looking at? Details are scarce:

The Hyve Touch Synthesizer is a polyphonic analog instrument with 3 axis touch control. To stay updated on this project sign up at http://tiny.cc/HYVE

The synth and performance are the product of one Skot Wiedmann, whose work you might find scattered elsewhere on the Internets, including whatever is happening here. This looks like the electronic music studio on Vulcan:

Improvisation from Skot Wiedmann on Vimeo.

Awesome. More like this, whoever you are, Skot.

I’ve signed up to learn more. You can, too:

We’ll be tuned in, for whenever more product news comes through the jump gate from this alternate universe of sound.