DJs, electronic musicians, and true fans know a side of clubland that is anything but glamorous. They know the brutal boredom of dressing rooms, the glaring reality of clubs with all the lights on. And DJs and staff are all too familiar with the wrecked landscape of clubs after the patrons have left.

Photographer Christin Mino writes to share a photo series that braves that landscape. It’s a lovely antithesis to the sameness of Photoshopped party photos. In Berlin’s “keine fotos” environment, it’s also the only kosher way to picture a lot of these clubs.

Of course, for party animals and DJs, this may evoke warm feelings more than any glossy club pics would. And that smell. Okay, you know you’re in love with music when that’s a pleasant memory.

Also, all of this reminds me: I really need to take my laptop into the shop for a proper cleaning. Poor baby. Probably both my MacBook and I need a spa retreat.




Photo series: “after dance”

I know who does definitely like this series.

Whether or not this is your cup of tea – erm, smashed beer bottle, I mean – it’s well worth watching Christin Mino’s beautiful, intimate series for the female-identified series Mint, featuring producers and DJs talking about their passion. I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a couple to get you started:

Mint Faces

Hope these series continues to grow.