Okay, obvious disclaimer. Please do not prank call Ableton tech support. They’re busy, hard-working people. But … this is hilarious (as is the fact that it’s labeled as a tech support call “from Berghain”). A custom-built Launchpad and Live hacked to run inside Linux? Going with the flow and working the audience when a glitching Live set randomly launches clips? At least this scenario sounds like a plausible one involving a regular CDM reader. Listen:

You can download this, too, so fiction can become reality when you drop this track in your next set. I’d love to hear this on the FUNKTION-ONE, if you’re listening, cough, Marcel and Ben. Think about it.

CDM needs a morning zoo broadcast. We could do this all the time. (Meanwhile, I marvel yet again at the brilliance of SoundCloud’s related tracks algorithm. Start listening and you’ll find some awesome things happening.)

Confirmed: we have a source that tells us this call was real, and that really is an Ableton employee on the other line, to which we say – and we can’t say this enough – please don’t ever do this! Uh… but we are still laughing.