Ableton’s Push hardware is making it onstage, but whether or not it suits that purpose for you, it’s an absolute godsend in the studio. Hands-on control of parameters, always-ready grid access to melodies and percussion, and tools for starting ideas from clips to sequences to playing live make it feel indispensable to those of us it’s won over. So, why not give it a handsome home?

My current solutions have gotten as far as … setting it on a desk. Propping it up on … a book. I’m sure many of you readers are doing better.

Here’s one gorgeous example. It gives you a fifteen degree angle – which I think is perfect when you’re seated working away arranging and mixing, comfortable in the sweet spot of your monitors. And it … well, looks really pretty. Thank you, trees.

At 195€ plus shipping, it’s getting close to half the cost of your Push 2, but it makes it look about twice as nice, so that must add up somehow. Behold:





And that got me thinking – what have you devised for your Push or Push 2? Stands? Customizations? Carry luggage?

Or for that matter, what other cool hacks slash mods slash accessories have you made work?

Don’t just send in the nice stuff. Bonus points to that ghetto-fabulous “Stand Made Out of the Styrofoam From The Box” or the custom paint job you applied to the UC33 you found next to a dumpster. (That’s really what I’d like to be finding at the moment, not these damned Pokemon, but maybe that’s me.)

Sound off in comments, if we get some nice stuff, we’ll have a follow up story. (I’ll do some … other calls for this soon.)

No, darn it, it’s not a slow news day – spent the afternoon learning about the state of music technology worldwide and in China (the latter being very new to me) and finishing up some other stories, too. Slow news day to you. 🙂 (Wait, that voice was only in my head. Okay, dinner break.)