Roland’s Boutique Series is … dangerous, frankly. These little sound modules (based on the Jupiter-8, Juno-106, and JX-3P) really do sound terrific and are totally adorable in person. They’re one of the things you can easily dismiss when you first see them … then fall in love with in person. The 1.10 update fixes one fatal flaw: now the whole series supports MIDI Control Change send and receive.

So, when you turn a knob or move a fader for a parameter on the Boutique Series module, that data gets sent out. (There are options for turning send off altogether, or sending over USB, or sending over USB and MIDI.)

And in turn, each parameter on each module now responds to a corresponding CC number.

So, you can pair this with your sequencer of choice. I think it’ll be especially nice with an iPad running Modstep for an ultra-mobile solution.

To get up to date, you’ll just need to download the 1.10 firmware for the module of your choice. You’ll also want to check the MIDI Implementation Guide (which was just updated) and the 1.10 manual supplement for instructions on how to set MIDI mode.

The other Boutique model, the A-01, already had a full MIDI CC implementation and even MIDI over Bluetooth.

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