With cassette labels making a comeback, there’s the question – how do you play the things? And the answers have gotten more creative than ever, with liberal use of effects, DIY tape loops, hacked hardware, and other techniques.

Hainbach, who I featured in our tape music round-up earlier this week, wrote with more details of his rig. Have a look:taperig

Mixer/control: Koma Elektronik Field Kit

Player 1: Siemens portable cassette player, modded by Dutch music hacker/builder Gijs Gieskes. (Here’s another tape mod idea from him!)

Player 2: (umodded) Marantz PMD 222.

Recording: Fostex X-28 four track

Effects: Strymon Timeline effects pedal

Gotharman FX Deformer granular effects unit

Nice! Plenty of possibilities here – many exceeding what people normally do with digital and vinyl DJ rigs, too. Keep the music and techniques coming.