Experimental legend Richard D. James isn’t just giving us more microtonal synthesizers – he’s giving us new music, too. And now we know some details, after the Aphex Twin logo showing up everywhere.

No one does viral marketing in music quite like Aphex Twin. And this was no exception, as word spread that the Aphex Twin image was appearing in prominent places.

Even our friends at Perfect Circuit Audio got to be bearers of the news:

London’s Elephant and Castle station got an utterly brilliant logo collapsing into the wall:

Aphex Twin is up to something… ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ“ท: Nico DeCeglia

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Tokyo got this:

#techniquetokyo #aphextwin

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And in Turin:

But the release news is best of all, with a laugh-out-loud press release parody. (I will try to get the actual text so this is screen reader compatible; for now I have only the accessibility-challenged image.)

The artist also has rare appearance scheduled for fall at Berlin’s Berghain and Turin festival Club to Club.

Hat tip on the news to another legend of crazy sounds, Richard Devine. (I really should have Richard as my first name. Something going on there… not to be, like, a Dick about it.)



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