Renoise, the gorgeous, obsessive production tool that makes the tracker modern, gets a point release with some very good stuff. High res UIs, custom envelopes, native time stretching – and yeah, it’s a host and a plug-in, too.

It’s fitting somehow that Renoise 3.2 and its plug-in version come on the heels of Reason 11 and its Reason Rack Plugin. Renoise had the same idea – Redux is the plug-in version of the production tool, reimagined in this case as a self-contained instrument. That means you can drop Redux (Renoise) into Reason if you like the Reason workflow and patching. Reason 3.2 doesn’t yet support VST3, but hopefully a future version might — then, if you’ve ever wished you could take Reason’s excellent instruments and effects, but control them with the precision of a tracker interface, soon you would be able to take Reason Rack Plugin instances and run it inside Renoise. (Correction – yeah, this will presumably happen at some point; 3.2 doesn’t yet have VST3 support, which Reason requires for its plugin.)

Re re re re ….

But whether or not you get into that, Renoise is just… well, awesome. And 3.2 is a free update (alongside Redux 1.1) that adds a ton of major stuff that would probably be a full, paid, whole number version update from some other developers.

Let’s talk:

Custom GUI scaling options and full high density display support (HiDPI or what Apple calls Retina). No more blurry UIs.

Native time stretching of samples, with Rubberband in the sampler.

Detachable mixer.

Custom curves: custom exponential, per point scaling in all automation editors and the AHDSR modulation device. Because, really, trackers deserve curves now.

Audition sample editor selections with a MIDI keyboard or your computer keyboard.

In other words, you’ll now be able to work with samples and curves more fluidly, and you won’t have to squint at your display. And all of this runs in Mac, Windows, and Linux, plus 32-bit and 64-bit plugins for VST or AU (and Linux VST, too).

Full details: