There are some powerful sound creation possibilities lurking beneath Live’s built-in devices. Finding inspiration from Live effects is the topic of my second collaboration with Riemann Kollektion.

In the first part of this tutorial series, I told you how to finish tracks faster using some of the latest shortcuts in Ableton Live 10.1. This time, I’ve down a round-up of some of tricks and tips with Echo, Delay, Convolution, and other devices:

Tutorial: Hidden Sound Inspiration in Ableton Live 10’s Effects

Riemann also has a Black Friday sale on already – 50% off their excellent original sample packs with code BLACK-50. If even that’s too rich for your blood, there’s the Techno Starter Kit for free.

You might want to brush up a little on your effects before diving in. For instance, the Delay:

And freezing is useful for using my Convolution Reverb hack:

For a refresher on that convolution reverb and loading custom impulses, ADSR has an extended video tutorial (though I am enjoying having my own text list handy, as a kind of oblique strategies for production…):

The skin in the screenshots, by the way: Dark 2.

Got more / anything I missed? Shout at me in comments.