If you normally leave a DAW like DP in order to do non-linear clip triggering with other software or hardware, MOTU have something they’d like to show you.

There’s no mistaking what this looks like – this really is the Session View from Ableton Live. Then again, we’ve had some glimpse of that for nearly 20 years, so it’s surprising – given the usual leapfrog and borrowing DAWs do in music production – that no traditional DAW has really pulled off the same thing. (Cakewalk’s SONAR tried, as did Cakewalk’s little-known tool called Project5, but their implementation didn’t really catch on, making that more historical footnote than anything.)

Deja vu?

And we’re not only talking about Live – this same sort of non-linear clip triggering is also something familiar in samplers and other tools.

So it is a big deal that MOTU has added clips, with some twists of their own – a couple I wouldn’t mind Ableton picking up on. And I think it’s telling that you aren’t hearing a lot of complaints that this rips off Live, which says to the Live user base and the DP user base are likely fairly independent – or that these tools solve different problems. (Feel free to give more feedback on this, though.)