Resolume brings some subtle but powerful improvements to this live visual/VJ/media server tool. Here’s a look – plus a quick tutorial for streaming live with OBS.

Resolume is a unique favorite in the live visual world partly for its elegant, straightforward UI. That hides some powerful features, which might not be immediately apparent if you’re used to tons of toolbars and palettes. These little changes pretty well fit in that category.

There’s a new gradient tool that handles multiple colors – so, basically, taste the rainbow, folks!

But what I think will have you really interested is the “Transition Phase.” Described in words, it sounds kind of boring – blah, blah, clip … parameter … linking … something. What?

Okay, let me put it this way – it lets you do mind-blowing animations between clips. So you can muck with stuff. And glitch stuff. And do wacky animation things in between clips, so you can edit together… motion… well, like this:

That looks like a nice way not only for live visuals (you know, the stuff that requires audiences) but also editing slick visuals fast. I don’t know about you, but that latter one is important, so I can get back to jogging/wheezing time and playing video games.

And these kinds of live tools have long been a secret weapon of people making edits faster.

If you do want to stream the results live, though, Resolume have a tutorial up for streaming – which will simultaneously bring you up to speed on OBS (the popular free streaming tool), OBS NDI (a tool for routing video textures between apps), and YouTube streaming.

OBS NDI plugin:
Youtube Tutorial:
Streaming Resolume:

Okay, enough tutorials, I want to see some raving EDM flamingos, and wish granted:

And this is trippy and beautiful:

And this is boxy:

Lots of other quick video tips are on Resolume’s Vimeo channel – and they really are fast, as great video tips should be:

More on the software: