Musician and community organizer Eden Grey is sharing some of the sounds she’s patching together, and talking about how they’re made.

Maybe one of the principal advantages of modular is indeed this – the ability to show, physically, what’s happening to a sound. (Then again, I do have a special fondness for my digital technique of … I did five things to this sample and I really totally don’t remember what they were or how it came out this way, but I’m into it.)

Eden has been a fantastically prolific producer, but also active as an organizer of events for people to share what they’re doing – from Portland, Oregon to London, England (where she was doing her PhD). I met her when she joined our MusicMakers Hacklab in Belgium at STUK in Leuven, co-hosted with the illustrious Darsha Hewitt. But it’s well worth checking out her sounds and then joining this informal new series.

It’s deceptive in a way – Eurorack and modular seem like solitary activities, but part of what has driven their growth is getting to socialize in person, meet people, look over their shoulders as they cable up patches and twist knobs.

But while we all take a break from that, the good news is that people like Eden are experimenting with going online. There’s something I find actually strangely appealing about the off-kilter camera work, but mainly – listen for those gorgeous textures.

She also joined a one-on-one chat for Robin Vincent’s Molten Music show:

CV Freqs events are modular synthesis meet showcase and concert events I have been organizing since I first began working with the modular synthesizer in Portland, Oregon, summer of 2013. Whilst doing my PhD research in London, I organized a handful of these events at different venues throughout the city. The field of modular synthesis is rapidly growing worldwide and these events are very beneficial to all involved, to learn more about the tools, the music, the history and the international community.

Now let’s get some more music – really into these two recent Bandcamp releases:

Eden is also on Patreon: