Freesound4live brings the incredible and eclectic open sound community right into your Ableton Live session – so you can access sounds and new inspiration quickly, for free.

The Max for Live device is the work of Alessandro Aylesim Miracapillo. And this is both convenient and unlike any other sample tool. You can browse, search, and preview the enormous community-maintained collection of audio, then drop a pick right into your project.

This is especially interesting on partly because of that community’s fantastic – and sometimes very weird – variety. You’ll find Colombian sound art, field recordings of pandemic confinement in Barcelona, or you can just … sink into the sea. And that’s a good thing not only for experimental artists, but anyone who is tired of yet another 909 hat or tech-house loop.

You’ll need Ableton Live Suite or a Max for Live license to run this; the software is 5EUR.