“Against the clock” sounds like – literally, ominous. “Bedroom producer” becomes a government-enforced reality. And so, here’s “Studios with threatening auras” at just the right time.

I’m going to post this largely without comment in the hopes that this spurs either the person behind this Facebook page or you, the uniquely resourceful readers of this relentless blog, to dig up more equally disturbing shots. Or, hell, if your studio is a wreck, send it to us. Maybe it’s worse than these.

Honestly, that last shot just looks like my kind of studio, to be perfectly frank. The knife you can use to keep away unwanted guests and slice some cheese to go with the wine, or make my fishnets look more punk, so… win/win/win/win scenario.

Go check the Facebook page, and see… where we can find more:


And I was just about to say Facebook has no use and we should delete it. (Okay, actually, I’ll still say that. This should have been a Tumblr – oldskool Tumblr, that is.)

Thanks, Kitt, for finding this one.