, available as a free public beta, does materials and gestures, 3D models, VR, and even MIDI all in browser. So – why not build a whole live VJ tool in it?

That’s what the tutorial channel has been doing on Twitch this summer. And it opens some fascinating possibilities – since this stuff runs in browser, you could conceivably use it as a new way of delivering audiovisual sets over the Web.

There’s a few hours of tutorials now online to peruse at your own leisure. The advantage of not livestreaming it is, you can skip through if you’re reasonably familiar with or even other “dataflow” visual development environments (especially vvvv or toool). No hard feelings, either – as you start to use one of these tools, the others become easier. (It’s more like switching from French to Italian than it is from biology to astrophysics, in other words.)

By the time you get to episode 4, you’ll be triggering clips from Ableton Live, jamming with MIDI controllers, and making delightful generative visuals dance all over the screen. So if you can’t safely have human dancers in the age of the virus, you can have dancing geometries.

meshinstancer. Ableton Live. Delicious. Go Andro:

By the way, if your day job is as a Web dev, you can use HTML and CSS in cables. It is in a browser, after all.

From our friends at undev in Berlin, who continue to develop this tool and have been adding features over the past years:

And check out their Twitch channel:

This all gets an epic soundtrack from OBVRS in Eindhoven, NL (f*** yeah we’re from Eindhoven). Call it the “I’ve learned f***ing like I’m a bada** patching ninja” mix: