Sometimes wonderful things show up in my inbox – this tune comes from one of our MeeBlip users.

Xavier BESSE turned in this great ditty.

That’s MeeBlip geode in ratcheting sequence over the bass, he says. And there are a bunch of other original synths made by great designers and good people at independent makers:

Moog Sub 37
Sequential OB6
Waldorf Pulse 2
Make Noise 0-Coast
Meeblip Geode
Arturia DrumBrute
MFB 522

It’s great to be even a small part of this kind of community of makers and manufacturers who care about one another.

By the way, yes, geode is in stock and we have free shipping for the USA on orders over $99 for Black Friday / Cyber Monday week. For Europe, stay tuned, about to announce something to get some gear to you, too.

Seriously, I had to make a separate post, as I can’t get enough of this little tune. Puts me in a nice mood.

Look, for once even the YouTube algorithm serves up something nice. This is what immediately follows the above video:

Okay, let’s ignore the whole world and make some music on… anything available. Even for a little while. Best health and safety to everybody.