The free stuff keeps coming. Now for PC users on any 64-bit VST host, you get a banging remake of the TR-606 drum machine – with some interesting twists.

The completely-not-rare sound of the TR-606 get some useful additions here. (And that 64-bit VST support also means you can drop this into Reason or Bitwig or VCV Rack and use some 606 sounds with your experimental sequencer patch, too.)

There’s a dry 606 kit to begin with – now that you probably have or can easily find access to. But there are some clever additions:

  • Room. As with the other stuff we’ve seen from Sample Science, 606 Koncept includes a nice room reverb in the package.
  • Extra layers. You can trigger vinyl, tape, and sub sound layers – on their own or with the 606 sounds. Those also have their own A/R envelope controls and panning.
  • Built-in multi-LFO. You can target parameters with an LFO for some wilder sounds.
  • Multiple voice modes. This is also a bit interesting – polyphonic and monophonic and legato modes.
  • Independent outs. You can route each part – even including those three additional layers – as separate channels to the host, in any arrangement you choose. (By default, everything is sent to stereo out.) Check the numbers under each part.

There’s also a filter switchable between high- and low-pass modes, mix/pan for each part, and triggers in the UI.

But here’s the twist that I wouldn’t have seen coming: there are pitch controls on each part, -2 / -1 / 0 / +1 / +2. These are each toggles, so you can create repitched, summed versions of each part. That creates some rich layered sounds and peculiar timbres. I found it nice for some dark background percussion.

So there’s your basic approach – you can layer up sounds here and repitched 606 sounds, then route those as separate outputs to your host with other effects. I find that a really great go-to bread-and-butter drum source with modular environments.

Free – gumroad, email only required.