“This stompbox provides some of the most over-the-top, insane distortion tones in the world” – or, you know, some people are insanely over-the-top distorted enough to think it’ll be inside a vaccine.

That’s according to tweets by the product lead of a Java open source business management engine at Red Hat. Mario Fusco writes:

Since this is an alleged screenshot from a Telegram chat and there are no sources, no way of knowing whether this image was in fact circulated or if so, how widely. (A COVID hoax hoax? So meta!) But… I want to believe.

Of course, your giveaway here that this is just a guitar pedal circuit schematic is that there are labels for bass, treble, and mid controls, a volume knob, a gain, and a footswitch. Commenters picked up on the MT-2 connection because, well, it says MT-2 on it and has exactly the same controls. No degree in electrical engineering needed here, though James of MeeBlip picked up on it.

Oops. Courtesy Roland.

But the BOSS Metal Zone MT-2 would be something I would love injected into body, to be honest. Just look:

  • Incredible-sounding distortion pedal with unique dual-gain circuitry
  • Provides super-long sustain and heavy mids and lows like a stack of overdriven amps
  • Three-band EQ with semi-parametric Mid control offers a wide range of extreme distortion textures
  • A must-have pedal for any hard rock or metal guitarist
  • BOSS five-year warranty

Well, but hey, the actual vaccine could be just as cool:


Also being discussed on Reddit and MusicTech.

And I mean, definitely making everybody’s day today.

Best Twitter comment:

Which classic guitar stomp pedal would you most want injected into your body? Sound off on comments! (Hey… I need some traffic. It works like this, right? Somehow? No?)