Music gear and software supports MIDI. Visual software supports OSC. You have a network and want to easily run MIDI over it. Sound familiar? Here’s a clever free tool (with open code you can also learn from) that acts as an essential tool.

Andy writes with this one. It’s by no means the first or last tool to do this, but it’s uniquely straightforward, and built in the creative coding environment openFrameworks which will likely make it easy for people to modify if they so desire (or use as a model if they’re playing with OF).

This tool acts as a helper between Midi and OSC. It allows you to receive OSC data and forward them to a Midi-device and/or (yes, simultaneously) vice versa. I somewhat accidentally discovered that you can use this tool to also transmit Midi data over network (over OSC). It’s based on openFrameworks. It works on Mac, Windows and probably on a Raspberry Pi.

The program was created with a focus on using it together with VDMX [the live visual tool from Vidvox] but since OSC is rather universal there shouldn’t be (m)any problems using it in conjunction with other programs.


  • Use notes and control changes messages on the MIDI side
  • Choose MIDI in/out and network routing you want
  • XML settings
  • Works over a network (since OSC does! MIDI can, too, but OSC is typically easier to configure…)

So, the developer says – “go ahead and clone, fork, do whatever you like with the software.”

Check it out on GitHub: