Elektron has been busy lately – a massive 1.30 OS update for Digitakt brings external audio mixing/sidechaining, a second LFO, filter features, workflow improvements, and more. Here’s a look:

I just got a Digitakt in to test and flashed firmware to OS 1.30 release candidate, long enough to give it a quick run-through. Even a fast test reveals some terrific stuff for the compact sampling drum machine.

This one is especially terrific for sound design, which is kind of the whole reason to love this box.

New in 1.30:

First, not only is there a second LFO but a number of LFO improvements:

  • A second LFO. It’s just as assignable as the first, so knock yourself out. Plus
  • LFO UI is improved. And —
  • LFO Fade envelope resets in free mode. With LFO.T set to ON, you can free-clock LFOs and the envelope still resets with each trigger. I actually had one of the design team show me this in a field, and there’s actually a ton of sound design features.

Audio input is another major breakthrough:

  • Audio input + external mixer in. Yes, you could always sample from the inputs on the Digitakt, but now you can also use those signals live for two more things –
  • Mix external audio input. There’s a new external mixer in page – hit FUNC + LFO three times. AND –
  • Sidechain input to the compressor.

Individual internal audio tracks are now sample sources, too, which for me is a big part of sampling workflow so also something major hidden here in features. And other little tweaks:

  • Extended tune range. Now it goes to -60 semitones.
  • Multi-track recording in step recording mode. Elektron isn’t even much pushing this, but it seems a big deal.
  • Adjust LED and OLED sensitivity to your liking. Check SYSTEM.
  • Easily adjust global FX and MIX settings. There is a new GLOBAL FX/MIX menu item under SETTINGS that lets you set global parameters, instead of being limited to the active pattern.

And there are a bunch of filter improvements too:

  • Filter envelope delay parameter. Yeah, that’s actually kind of huge, since it allows you to shape the sound (together with the LFO improvements) in some more sophisticated ways.
  • New Parametric EQ filter type.
  • Base/width filter added (check Filter Page 2).

There are also a lot of little improvements like having an option to remember parameter subpages. (Menu diving bookmarks!)

So, all in all, this is pretty great. The Digitakt is a powerful little box, and now you get a ton of additional options for external signal and sidechaining, filters, and LFOs.

Video tutorials

Some excellent detailed hands-on features to help you explore:

In other Elektron news…

Transfer 1.4.0 for (nearly) everyone. Also, for a ton of Elektron gear, Transfer is an essential companion between your computer and your device. At the end of last month, Elektron updated that, with Transfer 1.4.0. That added a ton of fixes, plus the ability to back up projects and sounds/presets packages on all devices apart from Octatrack. So if you don’t have that, go get it:


More on the new team… Also, yes – a well-deserved mention of the elephant who left the room, Cenk Sayinli (Dataline). Cenk was long the face of Elektron to many of its users. There are some new folks there, though, who we’ll introduce soon. That’s a story for another time, though – meanwhile I’m wrapping my head around the new OS and what you can do with it, so will share soon.