Influenced no doubt by their own Julia Bonar’s live sets, the folks at are focusing their latest two modules on making it easier to play live.

Two new modules are out this week, and they’re each a couple hundred bucks:

Two Of Cups is a 2-voice sample player. Load up to 24 samples x 8 banks (so 192 samples) onto microSD, and then you get easy CV control (or knob control) over EG/pitch and sample selection.

Total Recall controls 3 CVs at once – with preset storage, CV, and again some friendly knobs.

They’re both 6HP; full specs below.

I say Julia is likely a big part of this not only because she’s deeply involved in design, and there’s a preset library from her on Two Of Cups, but also because she was showing off her live sets when we last checked in with her. And these look eminently practical – modern solutions to the question of how to perform live effectively with modular, whether you’re jamming in the studio, making a Twitch livestream, or playing in front of – oh, yeah, audiences in some parts of the world again.

As it turns out, endlessly noodling does not fit every live performance context, so these look great. Two Of Cups front

Here’s Two Of Cups showing off its sample playback control. And yeah, sure, you could use a sampling drum machine or something like that, but there’s a totally different workflow here with CV.

6 HP width, 2 voice intuitive sample player with 8 banks each containing 24 samples

Zero-latency sample playback — directly from micro SD card

Factory sound-bank by Julia Bondar

On-board envelope generator decay control, pitch control with 1V/Oct input and sample selection control with meta cv input

Arbitrary sample rate: 8 and 16 bit samples with 12 bit output bitrate

Depth: 30mm (with ribbon cable plugged in)

Power requirements: +12V: 125mA, -12V: 20mA Total Recall front

And Total Recall which can control whatever you want that takes CV (0-5 or -5 to +5V):

6 HP width, 3x CV preset manager/multistage and macro controller for Eurorack

3 channel control voltage generator/attenuator/attenuverter

8 preset CV manager with two banks: bipolar -5…+5V and unipolar 0…+5V

Instant, slewed or continuous change between stored CV values

3-channel macro CV generator with smooth min./max. control via CV, trigger or manually

CV acquisition: 16 bits SDADCs, CV outputs: 12 bits DACs

Depth: 30 mm (with plugged ribbon cable)

Power requirements: +12V: 55mA, -12V: 15mA

And here’s Julia in action as we covered last fall:

Hmm… I can’t really see a modular called Total Recall without this:

And I can’t talk about making your transition without, well…

Whew. I feel better now.