Just like a fresh herb or spice, there’s some potential beauty in seasoning your musical ideas with something different. Note Raum does that with MIDI patterns – and it’s free, provided you’ve got Max for Live.

Manifest Audio is crafting a number of elegant devices for playing with note patterning and probability, ideal for spitting out rhythms and melodies and timbres in clever ways, or transforming musical ideas.

Note Raum is a generous giveaway, as it’s clever and straightforward. Sure, MIDI note echoes are nothing new. The twist here, from experienced producer/electronic artist and Ableton Certified Trainer Noah Pred, is to make this concept more musical and instrumental. Note echo can be clinical; this is more like dialing in musicality.

Live 10 and Live 11 are both supported with a Max license or Suite license.

Well, for starters, there’s a Scale menu with modes – a feature borrowed from some of Manifest’s other offering, and something I’ve certainly never seen in this sort of context.

And you get more:

It’s like opening a Phrygian Gate to a whole bunch of modes.
  • Feedback, Chance, and Velocity (these three alone already make it way more interesting)
  • Blend / solo (for just the echo or the incoming notes, too)
  • Scale / mode (a lot of them – Ukrainian Dorian – though for microtunings you’ll need a different device)
  • Limit, Bounce, and Free modes for pitch
  • Transposition – with a lot of control, including trigger/continue, keyscaling, minimum/maximum, basically so you can get these repeated pitched effects
  • Keyscaling
  • Metrical multipliers / sync
  • Swing

There’s no manual for this free Device, but it’s all annotated in the Info View help.

Bounce or Limit or Free.

It’s actually a lot in a little bit of space, but your best strategy might be to mess around with the dials a bit and experiment. That’s especially true because you can use this with anything that takes MIDI – drums, melodies, a modular plug-in patch, a MIDI-playable effect…. whatever.


And yeah, if this gets you interested in Manifest’s Chance Engine and Subtraction Engine, that’s the idea.

I mean, I sure didn’t finish anything like this over the last year’s lockdowns. But it’s okay if we didn’t; we get to use Noah’s devices so – solved, really.