None of us is safe from the climate – leaving popular developer Brainworx in the unexpected path of flooding. Ending today, though, you can grab their excellent plug-ins at steep discount, with proceeds helping this developer rebuild.

Thanks to a reader for reminding me here – with various crises worldwide impacting our friends and colleagues, it’s tough sometimes to keep up. But long story short – Brainworx and their legendary studio in Germany were literally underwater after catastrophic floods. Their insurance didn’t cover flooding because they weren’t in a risk area. It’s a reminder that all of us can be impacted in unexpected ways in these volatile times.

Plugin Alliance cover what happened:


Ending today Wednesday, though, the BX crew have steeply discounted a lot of their best plug-ins on Plugin Alliance, and that vendor is passing on 100% of proceeds to their rebuilding effort. They’re not accepting donations, but then I know many, many of us in the music tech business do so out of our passion, and it really is down to sales supporting us.

And these are some great plug-in discounts.

Just a few examples:

bx_console SSL 9000 J is a Solid State Logic- and Michael Brauer-approved set of emulations of some 72 different TMT channels. US$99.99 instead of the usual $349. Too rich for your blood? bx_console Focusrite SC, bx_console SSL 4000 E, and Brainworxbx_console SSL 4000 G are all US$49.99 each.

bx_limiter True Peak is one of the best True Peak limiters available, also US$99.99.

bx_digital V3 is basically a perfect mid/side EQ for US$39.99 and essential in your toolkit. Or how about bx_saturator V2 for mid/side saturation?

LOL, “Oberhausen.”

bx_oberhausen is a really lovely Oberheim emulation for US$39.99. (I can have another one, right?)

bx_subsynth gives you a dbx-inspired subharmonic synth for sub / punch / saturation / lowend. You’ll be back on a Funktion One soon.

bx_delay 2500 is a lot of fun – delay but with ducking, distortion, M/S… US$29.99.

bx_XL V2 is great as a stereo mastering limiter.

Like a BOSS.

And all the US$5 – 19.99 stuff gets pretty irresistible, including bx_blackdist2 (it’s a RAT), bx_metal2 (it’s an MT-2), bx_stereomaker stereo upmixer, and bx_meter.

(Lots of other stomp/effects and… hey, Roland, as I stare at BX’ BOSS emulation why don’t we have a BOSS collection on Roland Cloud, actually?)

Anyway, happy shopping, shoppers:

Developer site: